Why is brushing your pet so important?

All pets with a longer coat need to be brushed on a regular basis to keep their coats tanglefree.

It is important to keep coats tanglefree because matts pull on the skin which is not very pleasant for your pet.

Also the skin below the matts will get irritated because it will stay wet for a very long time and all kinds of bacteria will start growing there causing a lot of skinproblems. Which isn´t very pleasant for your pet neither.

To shave a coat very short to get rid of the matts, is a solution yes, but not a very good one because pets need their coat for protection against the burning sun, the cold wind and scratches caused by brambles or fights with other pets.

Personally I think a labradoodle clipped very short does not have the same fluffy appearance as one full in coat. I can image it is the same with poodles, bouviers, bernedoodles, cockapoos, Maine coons and all other pets that are supposed to have a long coat. And you must feel the same otherwise you would have bought a pet with short hair.

So brushing well is very important to avoid skinproblems and discomfort for your pet! And to keep him nice and fluffy!

The ADB Petite makes brushing your pet very easy and enjoyable for both you and your pet!