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After reading some reviews and watching video’s I ordered the Auto Dog Brush Petite. And I regret I did not do that 3 years earlier! My doodle has a quite curly coat which is hard to maintain but now it is so easy!!! James was used to the brush within 10 minutes and he really enjoys it. He is relaxed and almost falls a sleep while using the brush. I also have an injury at my shoulder which was a reason for me to brush James less since it did hurt my shoulder. But the Auto Dog Brush is so easy and does not discomfort my shoulder while doing it.
I always like it when my doodle has a little longer hair and now that is possible because I am able to make sure I can maintain it properly.
Also when I have questions I get a reply really quick on my emails. So great!!
I have been professionally Grooming for 32 years. Wow, I wish I had this tool all those years ago. It is important that you truly understand how to line brush the pet. Once you have that mastered……..
We are excited to teach our Curly Dog owners how to use this tool. Line brushing is an easy task to teach.A small amount of time with a client will be well worth the results for all.
akes grooming so easy. love it
Topgroomer Cheryl Howard (Ex member of Groom Team England and owner of “Le Chien Professional dog grooming”) 
“I received the new Automatic Dog brush recently and when I see how small this was I was worried it would not cover as much ground at a good enough speed as the original to make it worth while for the swap over !
….well How wrong was I , …….
This little new and improved tool is so much lighter and more versatile you can use it so much more effectively than the original Version ( which I still love for my larger heavy coated breeds )
My personal preference as always is to bath my dogs first and blast dry or cabinet dry before using the automatic dog brush but what ever your preference with coat prep the all new improved and more versatile little brush is what every salon needs !
It really does make light work of wool coats and double coated dogs and saves repetitive strains and impact on your hands and joints , well done to Nanja & Hans for striving to improve such a brilliant product , all the best to you both xxx
Chris Hewitt (UK)

Just used the brush on one of  our Barbets, all I can say is wow !!! Far exceeded my expectations basically it’s brilliant absolutely no reaction from the dog , suddenly making grooming a pleasure, 2 dogs to go😀

Dr. Mark Meddleton, DVM
Meddleton Equine Clinic
Equine Sports Medicine and Regenerative Therapies
Equine High Performance Sports Group
The Auto Dog Brush has been a huge help in keeping our labradoodles well-groomed. My wife and I raise labradoodles in our home so keeping their coats clean is a priority. The Auto Dog Brush brushes their coats more thoroughly than we can do with a hand brush. The Auto Dog Brush makes this chore easier and our dogs actually like being groomed with it. We like how much easier it is to use. 
Dogs’ coats insulate them from both cold and heat.  You don’t want to shave them too short even in the heat. We live in a hot climate, so well-groomed  coats are essential to our dogs’ health and well-being. 
Stuart Simons (Groom Dog City London and the Groomersspotlight) 

A few years ago I was given a tool by a new company based in the Netherlands. The tools claimed to be able to brush out heavily knotted and matted coats without any pain of suffering to the dog. To be honest i was a bit skeptical at first. The tool arrived and I remember trying it out for the first time. It was a bit big and clunky in its design but it absolutely did what it claimed. The problem was the design. It was large and quite cumbersome to use on a daily basis in the middle of a busy salon. Even though I liked it, I found that to use it took time and it simply wasn’t effective in a busy salon.

Cut to a few years later and the lovely DP Autobrush guys contacted me again to have a look at their new product. Well obviously, having used the last one, I was keen to try it out. Now, I have 2 salons and both work at very different rates and with very different styles of groomer. i wanted to try the kit at both the salons and on different coat types.

I opened the much smaller and compact kit box and inside was a much MUCH smaller version of the original. It was compact and felt good in the hand. It came with a spare brush belt which initially confused me.

On using the tool with the brush belt that was already in place, I was a little disappointed, it didn’t seem to be grabbing the dense hair as much as possible, acting only as a brush rather than something that would help me de-matt the dog. I changed the belt to the other one and hey presto, worked like magic. It seamlessly took away heavy knots and matting without causing any pain to the dog. It takes a little time to work but by god it really does the job.

Both belts have a place in our salons, now that the design has changed, both salons found that there was absolutely time to use it and it has become one of the essential tools of the salon. I will be buying another one to stop me having arguments as to who has it in their salons.

This tool shouldn’t stop us educating our owners as to how important brushing at home is but it certainly gives us the option to be able to save more coats and avoid the dreaded clip offs going forward.

Get your orders in now for this amazing tool.

I love it


Linda Warner Easton (President of International Professional Groomers USA)