About the Inventors

We are Hans and Nanja de Koning, living in the Netherlands and we have been breeding labradoodles since May 2005.

Almost all of our breeding dogs lived at our place at that time and Nanja did all the grooming herself. Which has to be done a lot to avoid matting.

That’s why we really needed an Automatic slicker brush but there did not exist such a brush yet, so we decided to invent one ourselves.

Et voila: The ADB Original

Auto Dog Brush

This Automatic brush worked so well and the grooming was so much easier and fun to do with it that we decided to share it with the rest of the world and give all groomers and dogowners the benefits of it.

But because of its size and its weight, people found it too difficult to work with.

So we improved our first model drastically. We made it much smaller and less weight, so much easier to work with: the ADB Petite

We are sure that this little Automatic Slicker Brush will save a lot of coats and help people to maintain the coat of their pet in a petfriendly and safe way.

Below you see a video of our labradoodles playing in the pool..