ADB Petite
Automatic Scissors

Will cut the way scissors do. So will give a clear cut +

Works as fast as 8 pair of scissors cutting at the same time do +

Does the scissoring automatically. So no more blisters on your fingers or cramp in your hand. +

No cutting possible in the skin of your pet. Not even if he/she is not standing still very well +

No stress for your pet because you have no stress +

No cleaning up to do afterwards +

Hairlength injustable (3 up to 10 cm) +

Suitable to cut very curly hair +

Saves you Time and Energy so you can do things you like to do more...

Now available in presales for 75 euro ex shippingcosts. Expected price to be 149,50 euro ex shippingcosts. Expected delivery time 12 to 18 months