The ADB Petite is an automatic slicker brush suitable for brushing and dematting of coats with a length of 2 up to 16 cm.

It makes 540 brushstrokes per minute. (By hand you could only do 60 brushstrokers per minute)

So the ADB Petite saves you TIME and ENERGY! And because you do not have to make all the brushmovements yourself it will also save your WRIST, ELBOW and SHOULDER.

the brushbelt consist at 72 rows of very flexible pins with rounded tops.  These pins don´t protrude the housing so they cannot damage the skin.

Because the brushbelt is placed in an angle to the skin, it brushes row after row and doesn´t pull hairs because of it. Each row is helping the other. 

The ADB Petite is very PETFRIENDLY and USERFRIENDLY but it is a very strong dematting tool at the same time.

On this picture you see Raggs before being brushed. The picture below after 10 minutes brushing and the picture next to it after 30 minutes brushing with the ADB Petite