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Auto dog brush

***MADE IN HOLLAND*** With passion for Pets


ADB Petite for brushing small dogs, cats and even rabbits!


No Stress for your pet because it feels like a massage....

Who We Are. What We Do

We are Hans and Nanja de Koning, living in the Netherlands and we have been breeding Australian Labradoodles since may 2005. We have a lot of our breeding dogs living at our place who have to be groomed on a regular basis to avoid matted coats….

Some Reviews


Hi Nanja! Was briljant seeing you yesterday. I hope the day was a succes for you! I would like to say I am thrilled with this new grooming tool. It really does make grooming so much easier on the body and arms and saves a great deal of coat loss for the dogs. It takes a few dogs to really get used to using it but once I got the hang of it I can honestly say it’s fantastic! Thank you for asking me to review this product for you. I would highly recommend to all!

Thank you from Cheryl Howard & the team @ Le Chien London xx

(Cheryl Howard is a member of Groomteam England)


Hi Nanja,

I have been meaning to write to tell you how happy I am with my Auto Dog brush! Wish I had this tool 20 years ago. Even if all I used it for was to brush out my own Standard Poodle, it would be worth the cost! It is actually much more gentle than I anticipated. It’s amazing how well it works at removing those matts while still being so gentle and soft brissled! Have a wonderfull day!

Allison Alonso,


Hi, My name is Laura Campanella and I am running a Grooming Academy in UK . Two months ago I was one of the Lucky persons to have the opportunity to met the couple who have invented the Auto Dog Brush. Well before I tried it, I was not sure about it and was thinking it was useless. But after the Demo I was starting to change idea. Now after having tried the ADB a few times I need to say that it saves you time and your hands. Well, I have changed idea regard it and I suggest to overybody to try and than you can make the final decision!! Thanks a lot for this experience…Good invention!!!!

OMG me I have a very long over due cavapoo and he ahs been poorly brushed so was matted especially under arm pits, chest and inner back legs. I have just done him with the Auto Dog Brush and he is completely knot free within 30 minutes even layOMG me I have a very long over due cavapoo and he ahs been poorly brushed so was matted especially under arm pits, chest and inner back legs. I have just done him with the Auto Dog down and went to sleep, 1 down 5 more to go LOL. I am super super impressed! 

Denise Metcalfe


This is an Automatic Slicker Brush. It is a belt with the content of 12 slicker units on it and the belt rotates 45 times per minute (45 x 12 = 540 brushstrokes per minute) So it brushes and dematts really quickly without requiring much effort from its user

Yes it can be cleaned and desinfected very easily. Just open the cover carefully, remove the cartridge, untense the belt, take of the brushbelt and simply wash it with dish soap. Blowdry it and put it back in the machine

Not at all. Because the brisstles of the brushbelt are very soft and they do not jut out, therefor it won’t hurt the skin (as long as you don’t push the brush to the skin and ofcourse you must not keep the brush several minutes at the same spot, because that would be too much brushing in a short time for skin and coat)

Not at all. The brushbelt is placed in an angle to the skin. So it will detangle a matt the right way. Also each brush uit on the rotating belt will help the other brush unit. So there is never pulling on a matt. Therefor the hairs will not break.

Yes, It brushes out all the loose undercoat in a very short time. For example a big Newfoundlander who is matted here and there is fully brushed in about 2,5 hours instead of 2,5 days

Yes you can. We have brushed lots of cats with the Auto Dog Brush on shows already and those difficult matts in armpits, on chest and innerlegs are brushed away in no time, without any stress for the cat.

Yes it does. But then you don’t have all the benefits of the sucking of the vacuum cleaner. The sucking helps lifting up the hairs, so the brushing is even more easy. Also all fine loose hairs, dander and dust will not go into your nose, eyes and lungs. Which is better for your health.

When the battery has been fully charged and emptied for about 5 times it has reached its full capacity. Depending on how matted the pets are you can work a day with it. (ofcourse a heavy matted coat will take more energy from the battery then a well brushed one)

It takes about 2,5 hours to fully charge the battery. But it is protected for overload, so you can charge in the night and work in the day with it.

Yes. The Auto Dog Brush is absolutely safe. It has a safety chip which will stop the brush if it feels more resistance then a severe matt. For example when an ear or tail gets into the brush.