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ADB Petite

***MADE IN HOLLAND*** With passion for Pets and their coats!

ADB Petite

Automatic Slicker Brush for Pets! Petfriendly! Saves Coats!


Saves your Arms, saves you Time and Energy, will save Coats!

Invented by Breeders of Australian labradoodles

So the ADB Petite is invented by people who know how to brush and not just by a nice guy sitting behind his desk having no clue what is really needed.


This is an Automatic Slicker Brush for Pets.

It is a conveyer belt with 72 rows of soft pins on it making 500 brushstrokes per minute.

By hand you might be able to do 60 brushstrokes per minute. (the first 10 minutes…)

So the ADB Petite brushes way much quicker and more thorough then you can do by hand requiring less effort and energy from its user

On this video you can see how easily you can brush a paw with heavy coat: 

Yes, the ADB Petite can do the same as you could do with a normal slicker brush by hand.

But the ADB Petite does not get tired from brushing and brushes much quicker then you can do by hand. 

You simply lift up the matted coat with your free hand and hold the coat and the skin in place. Then you let the ADB Petite brush away a few hairs from under your hand (so away from the matt). Then you place the brush a little bit higher and again let it brush away a few hairs from under your hand and so on.

The matt will loosen up and will be brushed away very quickly.

Without pulling or using little knifes that damage the coat. 

As you can see on this video :


Yes it can be cleaned and disinfected very easily. Just open the cover carefully, remove the cartridge, untense the belt, take of the brushbelt and simply wash it with dish soap or disinfect it. 

The handle and transparant housing can be put in the dish washer

When you are brushing the brushbelt will run full of hair (especially if you use it without the flexible hose) and on this video you can see how easy you can remove the hairbelt..


No, it does not hurt the skin. The pins of the brushbelt are very soft and they do not pass the housing so they cannot scratch the skin.

We have tested the ADB Petite on our own heads first ofcourse as you can see on this video:

On protruding bones like the vertebrae, hipbone,  toes etc. you should not brush more then 3 seconds at the same spot ofcourse.

And you should not push the brush to the skin, because then the skin bulges a bit and the pins can touch the skin.

You should also be carefull around ears and tail when they have long hair on it, because they can be brushed into the brush and get stuck in the belt.

If this should happen, the safety chip feels that the pulling is more than normal brushing and will turn off the brush immediately. 

This will also happen if you do not brush the right way. A heavy and or matted coat should be brushed in small layers. If you try to brush a lot of coat at the same time, the safety chip will also turn off the brush immediately.

So the brushing is always comfortable for the Pet.

Here you can see this happen:

Not at all. The ADB Petite does not pull on hairs.

It brushes only a few hairs at the same time.

The brushbelt is placed in an angle to the skin and contains of 72 rows of soft pins.

The row of pins closest to the skin will lift a few hairs up away from the skin and will detangle these hairs. The next row of pins will do the same like all the other rows following.

Each row helping the previous row.

So there is no harsh pulling on hairs and therefor the coat will not be damaged. Even if hair is still a little bit wet.

Yes, It brushes out all the loose undercoat in a very short time.

We do recommend to use the flexible hose to connect the ADB Petite to your vacuumcleaner.

So your brushbelt will stay clear from hair longer and all the loose undercoat will vanish in your vacuumcleaner.

You have to brush in layers though, like you see this lady brush her Eurasier with the ADB Petite:



Yes you can.

You will be surprised how quick they will get used to it and how easy you can maintain their coats with it. 

Here you can see a lady brushing her own cat with the ADB Petite:

You can connect the ADB Petite with the flexible hose to your vacuumcleaner.

So you can enjoy all the benefits of the sucking of the vacuum cleaner.

The sucking not only helps lifting up the hairs, so the brushing is even more easy. Also all fine loose hairs, dander and dust will be sucked up and won’t get into your nose, eyes and lungs. Which is better for your health.

Also your brushbelt will stay clear from hair longer and the internal of your brush will stay clean.

On this video you see one of our happy customers using the ADB Petite connected to her vacuumcleaner while brushing her doodle. 

For now it runs on mains supply by wall adapter.

But very soon we will have an external powerbank especially for the ADB Petite to be ordered as an accessary

This will enable you to go brushing anywhere you like.

That depends on how you use it and how often ofcourse.

But based on our esperience with the brushbelt from the ADB Original which has been on the market since 2015, we know that dogowners will be able to work over 5 years with the same brushbelt and groomers about 1 – 2 years.